Sunday, November 27, 2005

What are your goals?

Yes, I've already started... Making goals for next year. I want to be fit.
I want to get toned and eat more healthily. I just keep telling that to myself, but haven't been really doing it.
I think many people leave these kind of things after the Christmas, after all the goodies have been eaten and you have enjoyed yourself..
Well, I could happily start already.

What is my plan anyway? Start going to the gym, since it is free for me (my lovely work pays for it, which I feel very grateful for - so it would be kind of stupid not to take opportunity of this generosity). Eat healthily (ok, let's not mention that anymore :). Eat healthy stuff, drink less of that automat coffee at work, drink more green tea and herbal teas etc.
Healthy snacks!

I went for a bit of shopping today. Wanted to buy a book but instead I went to have a look at some Xmas goodies for my little nieces. I did find out that Barbie dolls are still a big hit and a very wanted gift, so I saw a few nice packages which I will get once I get paid (finally next week!)
Instead of buying healthy snacks, I bought a packet of oat cookies with chocolate (havre kex). You don't get them very often here... I had about 4....
OK, I'll start after these cookies are gone..

This year has been crap, to put it bluntly. Saturn was still very much in the picture for me, blocking things and making me feel tired and frustrated. Selling of the house was one of the most stressful things in my 6 years in Scotland that I've experienced.. I think I stressed too much, though. Things will always work out.
My niece's illness was a terrible shock, but luckily all the treatments are now over, and she can enter a new phase of life with bags of experience.
Getting a job... Oh how I stressed about that one, too.
All turned out well, it actually turned out a lot better than I could've ever imagined! Thank you Universe, you always provide for me!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Full moon!!

What a beautiful full moon there was today. It was lovely to watch it from the bus this morning, on my way to work.. it looked like those moons you see somewhere in the south, like in Italy. A moon that is really low and looks very Mediterranean.

The fact is I could hardly get out of bed today. Apparently I had giggled in my sleep (well that is not the reason I couldn't get up) but I felt a bit woolly-headed once up and getting ready.
Don't know what it is, but I was ok-ish at work. Just really hungry!
I was just really very hungry :)

In the evening, me and R went to Centraal, a lovely pub just off Nicolson Street.
They do Kriek from the tap, which is quite nice! We had dinner there, and I loved the menu because it was different. Some restaurant menus can be so utterly boring, but this one had nice choices. Very refreshing! I had Thai green curry, which was good, but quite rich. I often get a massive craving for it but Thai places are usually the only ones where I could have imagined getting some. Not anymore...
R had a lovely juicy fillet steak. Steak of perfection really. With it some delicious blue cheese dressing. Mmmmm...

Sunday, November 13, 2005

What are Sundays made of?

Mine started with a headache. I guess that's a pretty normal start for many people's Saturday or Sunday. But I only had a glass of wine last night - albeit I hadn't eaten much yesterday.
My "hair project" took several hours and the rest of the evening just flew by.
Oh, I was sort of flying in my dreams last night. It was lovely - I wish I could capture the feeling again, but it's hard when you're out of the dream world.
But the essence was to lose control and just flow.

I decided to have a really Nigella-esque breakfast today. It's been a long time, many many months since I last made american pancakes, and I thought now is the time for them. It was a good timing, as there was some delicious bacon rashers in the fridge waiting to be accompanied by the pancakes + lots of maple syrup poured on top.
My pancakes weren't as good as they used to be.. I blame it on the fact that we don't have a gas hob anymore, where it's fairly easy to regulate the heat. Now it seemed ages before the pan got hot enough. The pancake is ready to be turned around when there are little bubbles coming up. Yes, yes.. that is a known fact. However, at one point it seemed it took only seconds before one side was dark brown (too dark) and literally on the verge of burning.
Nevertheless, the pancakes were delicious!

I wasn't done yet. Yesterday's unfulfilled mission of baking chocolate chip cookies was still waiting for me. I just love baking, it's about creating something wonderful and comforting out of a few good ingredients and it makes me (and others) happy :)
The cookies came out good, although I would put less sugar next time! The cookies were just as promised, chewy - not crispy. And huge! In total 18 beauties waiting to be savoured.

Today is the Father's Day in Finland. Called my father and we had a quick chat (he was doing up his car). He enjoyed the chocolate I sent.. thankfully my mom didn't like it so he can have it all for himself :)
There was a relief factor - he said it looks promising that things might change for the better.
It made me think - is this all about the new energies, new changes?

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Heavenly haircuts..

Indeed it is true that heaven has now descended on earth.. in form of fabulous hairdressers et like. I can honestly sign that opinion, a very strong one if you may... What I especially notice is the fact that MEN, these heavenly creatures do so many good things for me that I don't know what I would do without them!
So many women go around saying that they don't need men, which might be true in theory... what what about reality? And what about balance? Yin and yang, anyone??

Another ahh day for me. Yesterday, 11th of 11th, was a tiring day.. I woke up with a headache/migraine, once again but it was better and I didn't really 'suffer' as I had earlier this week. However, I was megatired and had to go early to bed, whilst R was enjoying drinks and great food at Centraal. I slept about 10 hours and that was well-earned sleep, yes!

Today was nice to be up so early, at 7 - which is a few hours earlier than my usual Saturday lie ins.. I had things to do.. I wanted to bake cookies, but didn't have the time for it - tomorrow it will be. I wanted to get the 'eye treatment', eyelash&brow tint etc. but the place I intended to go remained closed..
What I really was looking forward was the haircut. And oh boy did I get one!
My dear colleague J wasn't talking nonsense when she recommended that place to me!
This guy, Dean, so knows what he is doing! Young he might be but he has talent and vision, and that is what surprisingly many hairdressers (who also have the nerve to charge ridiculously high prices) lack.
Plus the other guy who washed my hair, gave a wonderful sort of shiatsu head massage. It was bliss! I remember last time when I was in Rainbow Rooms in Glasgow and the website boasts shiatsu massages, excessive consultations etc etc.. the truth is they didn't deliver exactly as they promise to do, which was a bit of a disappointment, yet the haircut was good - I cannot deny it.
But this guy, Dean, totally gave it his 110%, I think. He was so good with details and finishing touches that I couldn't believe it!

Well worth another visit!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

On the verge of 11:11

Another day with headaches. I am trying to play doctor and figure out what it is. Hypoglycaemia, stress perhaps? I have been so upset lately, ever since my trip back home.
I get totally emotional and upset when I even think about it. How much can one do to help?

The morning started well-ish.. was so tired eventhough I had plenty of sleep. But more sleep wouldn't have hurt me!
On the bus stop, I could feel it already.. the slight pain on the other side of the head. Yesterday I thought I had it because of low blood sugar..
Today my theory changed. I had a good breakfast and lunch.. But by lunchtime I felt terrible - the ache was on the right side of the head, pressing down on my eye. I could barely eat my lunch.

What did rescue me? A cup of afternoon coffee....

The Universe is providing me with some extra unexpected income. Got a letter that I get my final payment.. after having landed a job.
I wanted to go online to do some transactions, but wohoo.. I apparently have forgotten my password or something else is wrong, because I couldn't get in..
How furious was I? And blaming the bank of this problem, of course.
Not that I have anything to do with it.

It's funny.. I deal with these kind of things daily, yet when it happens to myself, I totally lose it and get angry with the system.

Oooh.. I am boring myself now. The whining is just useless. It's not constructive, at all.
Tomorrow is a big day, 11:11. It is said to be a magical day, opening gates and all.
Who knows what happens..

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

How high is your blood pressure?

Today didn't start well. I had this headache, the kind that doesn't necessarily go away quickly. It could be a migraine for all I know.
Anyway, the morning went quickly and I was off to get a medical check up, as required. I had reserved ample time and still I was late... How did that happen?
I went for a coffee and a quick bite to eat before I went there - as I was already suffering the effects of a low blood sugar and headache. It was busy in the cafe and before I knew, I had only 15 min to go. Not to worry, the bus came just in the nick of time, but I got off a few stops too late and was lost.
Called the doc to tell that I am on my way.. He didn't sound too pleased though.

I hate being late, that really gives me a stress reaction! The doc was nice enough (and super-posh!!!) - he was surprised that I turned up literally minutes later I had called him, as I was a mile further then.
I was told to get myself into a fit state again.. i.e. start excercising! And he couldn't figure out why my blood pressure was in high measures even though he took it twice, when it should've gone down a bit. Obviously he didn't know that I live in a hyper state a lot of the time....

That is definitely on my agenda. Once I get all the other things organized in my life.
I think when this year ends, I can finally sigh of relief and look forward to 2006. It might be a more pleasant and settling year for me, or that's what I hope for!
2005 has been crap in many ways, but certainly a year that changed a lot of things. Not only for me but also for other people.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Err.. what day is it today??

I have serious trouble trying to work out the days.. as in today is... let me think.. the 7th of November. This has been going on for months now, I've lost track of time.
Yes, I know - it's foolish to walk around with a watch that's showing the wrong time.
Now that is bound to make anyone even more confused!
But that is just me... That particular watch I've got (my favorite one), has a kind of a squarey design, and you need tweezers to adjust the little thing to change the time.
Ahh, how difficult can that be?? For me it apparently is already too much of a chore to do!

Today I wondered again, why I still procrastinate things, even though I am aware of this little "habit". I don't do things, even semi-important ones, in time. Except at work, because I know I kind of have to.
But there are still a few things in the back of my mind that are nagging me to sort them out.
I always tell myself, "tomorrow I'll do it". Tomorrow comes, and then it's "ok, definitely tomorrow!" After a while, it often is just too late.

It is on my list. I will deal with it! (or at least I'll give it my best shot!)

Today was a nice enough day at work - the day just flew by as many were off so there was loads more work to do. My third week already. How time goes quickly!
Just a few weeks ago I was jobless.. my days filled with pretty much doing nothing - albeit enjoying myself very much!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

What a weekend

Wow! I was pleasantly surprised yesterday, when R suggested that we go to the Farmer's market. I have been asking him to join me to go there for over 3 months, but he never felt like it, until yesterday. So off we were.
My last visit was in August, if I recall correctly. Nothing had really changed, apart from maybe some produce being sold (seasonal veg e.g.)

I had a craving for a roll filled with roasted pork, apple sauce and stuffing made with sage and onion. Oh, how tasty it was! I truly enjoyed every bite, so it was worth trying.

I also had a tiny sampling of lemon curd on a piece of cracker (very nice!) and some mulled elderberry (?) wine, which would be delicious when warmed.After the farmer's market, I still had a mission.. To get chocolate cake. We walked behind the castle admiring the views.

For the past week, I have had a craving for chocolate cake - the Sachertorte like, with a thick coating of good quality chocolate, which breaks when you put your fork in it.
Last Thursday I left work early to go to the dentist. I was in an unpleasant mood, as I had a bad enough case of PMS.. First of all, I came in and the receptionist seemed not to find my booking (I am talking as if it was a restaurant!). I had to repeat my name several times and finally just told to take a seat. After 20+ minutes of waiting, I was called in. A very patronizing sounding dentist told me (like I was a child), that I really need to start brushing my teeth twice a day and being more meticulous about it. Well she didn't ask me to be meticulous, but I guess that wouldn't harm as far as taking care of your teeth is concerned.
Anyway, after I left the dentist, I was peckish and I really wanted some coffee. So I headed to the nearest Starbucks and ordered their seasonal Gingerbread latte (minus the whipped cream) and a apple-cinnamon muffin. I really wanted the chocolate cake, but it was priced £2.85 which I thought was a bit OTT as my latte already cost as much, so I just took the muffin.

The latte was nice, albeit too sweet. Actually it was too sweet and not hot enough for my taste. I like my coffee hot! But this is how S-bucks make their coffee, sweet. I am not that used to sweet coffee. The muffin was ok but that too was too sweet for my taste.
So, I still had the craving for chocolate cake and later during the week I tried to find a good chocolate cake (even if it was just a slice) from Sainsbury's and other places without success.
Until Saturday. I pretty much knew where to get the ultimate cake. R and me were off to Plaisir du Chocolat! Once I stepped in, I knew the cake was there - in fact there were several cakes to choose of and I had a hard time choosing! I was in cake and baked-goods-heaven!! Eventually I went for the flourless chocolate cake (recommendation from the girl behind the counter). I left the shop with a big smile on my face and took the cake home, to be savoured later.

Later, we went bowling with R and M. It was good fun, though I only did one strike!
In the evening, we went to Khublai Khan for dinner. Last time I've been to that restaurant was over a year ago, in Glasgow at their sister restaurant. The food was good, as usual (you cannot blame anyone else than yourself, if the food doesn't turn out tasteful as you create your portions yourself), (mainfoods, that is).
I made up a bowl with a Thai twist, and it was quite nice though I could've put a bit more coconut milk to it. I am big fan of coconut milk in thai foods :)

The rest of the evening was spent in Portobello. There were many fireworks and bonfires going on as it was Guy Fawkes night.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


It's the second day of the month and my heavy feeling continues. I actually kind of don't mind, because I probably eat less now...
Just waiting for this pms thing to go away. A lot of things annoy me at the moment.
Public transport being one... I want to travel in peace and quiet, but certain people like to have their music so loud, that everybody's forced to listen... When I think about it, oh god I feel so old. What an old boring person I have become.
Not just that. One of my pet hates is people sneezing somewhere close to you where you sit.. like sneezing a lot and you can just imagine all the bacteria flowing around the whole place.
Of course you can't help not to sneeze, but at least try to cover your mouth or something.

Tomorrow I start at 7 so it should be quiet.. Maybe I have the chance to travel in peace and quiet??

R is very tense and stressed out. A lot to due to our finances.
Our we one of those whose finances are about to crash?
All I know is that I get paid at the end of the month.. and until then I live on overdraft.
What I don't get it is R telling me loads of times not to worry about money, as "it's only money".. then later being sick with worry.

Gotta clean this place up. Papers everywhere.. It's a little chaos, but a manageable one.

November is due to be a stressful month, so I've been told.. Or so I did read.