Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sunny and cold

What a boring title indeed!
But I am freezing, so I am telling the truth here. And I have a headache. Not sure whether it's a hangover (from 2 glasses of wine yesterday to an empty stomach) or because I have a sort-of-a cold (you know the type that you feel kind of off - throat is not really normal and the occasional cough but you are not feeling that bad that you need to stay in bed)..... or whether it's just that it's all too much for me now.

What is too much? Well the whole travel thing. Getting my stuff ready for the trip of my lifetime. LA is waiting for me.... On Wednesday I board the plane towards the west (well first to south to London) and then I will make another change in my life.
How did I get stressed about that?

Cats are gone... It is so empty and quiet in the house. I hope they are doing fine and that they feel adjusted and ok. I felt like a real momma yesterday saying goodbye and all that.

Go away headache


At 16:59, Blogger Pille said...

Heippa A! You've left Edinburgh? For how long? Enjoy your big trip!!

At 18:47, Blogger Nefritite said...

Hi Pille!
Back from sunny Los Angeles.. to rainy and cold Edinburgh :)
Yes, it was a fabulous trip indeed... saw loads of nice things, but best of all - got married!!

More of that later.. now I need to recover from a jetlag... :)



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