Wednesday, November 09, 2005

How high is your blood pressure?

Today didn't start well. I had this headache, the kind that doesn't necessarily go away quickly. It could be a migraine for all I know.
Anyway, the morning went quickly and I was off to get a medical check up, as required. I had reserved ample time and still I was late... How did that happen?
I went for a coffee and a quick bite to eat before I went there - as I was already suffering the effects of a low blood sugar and headache. It was busy in the cafe and before I knew, I had only 15 min to go. Not to worry, the bus came just in the nick of time, but I got off a few stops too late and was lost.
Called the doc to tell that I am on my way.. He didn't sound too pleased though.

I hate being late, that really gives me a stress reaction! The doc was nice enough (and super-posh!!!) - he was surprised that I turned up literally minutes later I had called him, as I was a mile further then.
I was told to get myself into a fit state again.. i.e. start excercising! And he couldn't figure out why my blood pressure was in high measures even though he took it twice, when it should've gone down a bit. Obviously he didn't know that I live in a hyper state a lot of the time....

That is definitely on my agenda. Once I get all the other things organized in my life.
I think when this year ends, I can finally sigh of relief and look forward to 2006. It might be a more pleasant and settling year for me, or that's what I hope for!
2005 has been crap in many ways, but certainly a year that changed a lot of things. Not only for me but also for other people.


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