Monday, November 07, 2005

Err.. what day is it today??

I have serious trouble trying to work out the days.. as in today is... let me think.. the 7th of November. This has been going on for months now, I've lost track of time.
Yes, I know - it's foolish to walk around with a watch that's showing the wrong time.
Now that is bound to make anyone even more confused!
But that is just me... That particular watch I've got (my favorite one), has a kind of a squarey design, and you need tweezers to adjust the little thing to change the time.
Ahh, how difficult can that be?? For me it apparently is already too much of a chore to do!

Today I wondered again, why I still procrastinate things, even though I am aware of this little "habit". I don't do things, even semi-important ones, in time. Except at work, because I know I kind of have to.
But there are still a few things in the back of my mind that are nagging me to sort them out.
I always tell myself, "tomorrow I'll do it". Tomorrow comes, and then it's "ok, definitely tomorrow!" After a while, it often is just too late.

It is on my list. I will deal with it! (or at least I'll give it my best shot!)

Today was a nice enough day at work - the day just flew by as many were off so there was loads more work to do. My third week already. How time goes quickly!
Just a few weeks ago I was jobless.. my days filled with pretty much doing nothing - albeit enjoying myself very much!


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