Saturday, November 12, 2005

Heavenly haircuts..

Indeed it is true that heaven has now descended on earth.. in form of fabulous hairdressers et like. I can honestly sign that opinion, a very strong one if you may... What I especially notice is the fact that MEN, these heavenly creatures do so many good things for me that I don't know what I would do without them!
So many women go around saying that they don't need men, which might be true in theory... what what about reality? And what about balance? Yin and yang, anyone??

Another ahh day for me. Yesterday, 11th of 11th, was a tiring day.. I woke up with a headache/migraine, once again but it was better and I didn't really 'suffer' as I had earlier this week. However, I was megatired and had to go early to bed, whilst R was enjoying drinks and great food at Centraal. I slept about 10 hours and that was well-earned sleep, yes!

Today was nice to be up so early, at 7 - which is a few hours earlier than my usual Saturday lie ins.. I had things to do.. I wanted to bake cookies, but didn't have the time for it - tomorrow it will be. I wanted to get the 'eye treatment', eyelash&brow tint etc. but the place I intended to go remained closed..
What I really was looking forward was the haircut. And oh boy did I get one!
My dear colleague J wasn't talking nonsense when she recommended that place to me!
This guy, Dean, so knows what he is doing! Young he might be but he has talent and vision, and that is what surprisingly many hairdressers (who also have the nerve to charge ridiculously high prices) lack.
Plus the other guy who washed my hair, gave a wonderful sort of shiatsu head massage. It was bliss! I remember last time when I was in Rainbow Rooms in Glasgow and the website boasts shiatsu massages, excessive consultations etc etc.. the truth is they didn't deliver exactly as they promise to do, which was a bit of a disappointment, yet the haircut was good - I cannot deny it.
But this guy, Dean, totally gave it his 110%, I think. He was so good with details and finishing touches that I couldn't believe it!

Well worth another visit!


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