Saturday, January 20, 2007

Being busy

I actually went to work today... Got up early, at a time when I'm still normally happily away "in Feather islands". Fed the cats, got dressed and went out. It was raining a lot. It wasn't far away from p*ssing down. I thought for a second.. "am I crazy or what.. do I have a life..? why did I decide to do this?"
Well, £150 for starters... Seven hours of overtime will bring me that sum of money, minus taxes and then I'm done.
No more overtime.. for a while.

It's a nice feeling of being active, doing stuff. After work I came to town and decided to browse around in a few shops and just as I was leaving Laura Ashley's as I couldn't find anything in their sales, I stumbled across a pair of shoes, black velvet ones which are tied together with a ribbon and I just knew I had to try them on. What a bargain. Reduced from £60 to £18!
I took them and suddenly I was so hungry..

Luckily there's Henderson's just around the corner. It was very busy again, a long queue when I came in. But it gave me time to decide what I wanted from the menu. What I like about Henderson's is the food obviously but also the kind of "non frills" attitude, you know the wooden benches where you sit and munch your veggies and you can sip a glass of organic wine if you fancy.
Well I fancied a mushroom, feta and walnut quiche with salad which was quite a reasonable £4.95. Henderson's isn't the most cheapest place looking at some of the deals on the board but this was quite acceptable.
The quiche was perfect.. I have no complaints what so ever. And that is quite rare...
The only complaint is that they "forgot about my order ?) and I had to ask where the food was.
But the lady who brought it was so kind that I wasn't annoyed at all, I just looked at the plate and knew it was a nice one.


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