Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Yes I'm still on holiday

Me and R came back from Copenhagen today. What a trip it was. So many nice things to remember on those cold wintery days to come later on..
Hotel was perfect.. I have never had such a fabulous breakfast at a hotel before. Or have you had "champagne breakfast" during weekends at hotel? For free? Included in the normal fare? No, I didn't think so either.
When I'm pleased with something, I am often very very pleased indeed. Hotel Axel Guldsmeden knows how to provide its guests with morning food. Saturday and Sunday there was smoked salmon and champagne on offer on top of the "normal stuff"
- Heavenly bread
- Wonderful coffee
- Delicious cheeses
- Fantastic vanilla yoghurt (the kind with dark vanilla specs in it) + honey with almonds to pour over it
- Chocolate and almond cake

etc etc

I ate too much though. I felt like a glutton.

Anyway.. Copenhagen is a beautiful city, nice buildings.. Sooo many hotdot places all over town. Danish people love their hotdogs. Sadly we didn't sample any this time, so I cannot comment on them further.

Service was a bit so-so in many places.. We had to wait a long time before anything happened in a restaurant. On occasions, I could've walked out and I'm not sure they would have noticed.
One of the loveliest meals I had was chicken tama rice in Wagamama (so delighted they had one in Copenhagen!). I was mega mega hungry when we arrived.. we got a table swiftly but then after that had to wait for a long time. Anyway, top marks for the food. First time I finished my plate!! I was just so very hungry you see..
Now I want to attempt to try the dish myself at some point, so impressed was I.

Talking to P. is always good. We talked about goals.. Me becoming a writer of some sorts, some day.. perhaps. He wants to take a writing course as well and was encouraging me to continue with mine, despite all the "difficulties" I have felt I had.
I'll see. I see if I could just do it. Not think but just get on with it.

Strange thing about the trip.. I witnessed so much open drug taking, drug selling, even a minor "drug fight".. all in the open, no police nothing. All from my hotel window. I never saw a police there.. but apparently there is a shortage of them in Copenhagen - or perhaps Denmark in general, so I guess in some places the druggies are left to their own devices as long as they don't bother you.

good night