Wednesday, November 02, 2005


It's the second day of the month and my heavy feeling continues. I actually kind of don't mind, because I probably eat less now...
Just waiting for this pms thing to go away. A lot of things annoy me at the moment.
Public transport being one... I want to travel in peace and quiet, but certain people like to have their music so loud, that everybody's forced to listen... When I think about it, oh god I feel so old. What an old boring person I have become.
Not just that. One of my pet hates is people sneezing somewhere close to you where you sit.. like sneezing a lot and you can just imagine all the bacteria flowing around the whole place.
Of course you can't help not to sneeze, but at least try to cover your mouth or something.

Tomorrow I start at 7 so it should be quiet.. Maybe I have the chance to travel in peace and quiet??

R is very tense and stressed out. A lot to due to our finances.
Our we one of those whose finances are about to crash?
All I know is that I get paid at the end of the month.. and until then I live on overdraft.
What I don't get it is R telling me loads of times not to worry about money, as "it's only money".. then later being sick with worry.

Gotta clean this place up. Papers everywhere.. It's a little chaos, but a manageable one.

November is due to be a stressful month, so I've been told.. Or so I did read.



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