Thursday, November 10, 2005

On the verge of 11:11

Another day with headaches. I am trying to play doctor and figure out what it is. Hypoglycaemia, stress perhaps? I have been so upset lately, ever since my trip back home.
I get totally emotional and upset when I even think about it. How much can one do to help?

The morning started well-ish.. was so tired eventhough I had plenty of sleep. But more sleep wouldn't have hurt me!
On the bus stop, I could feel it already.. the slight pain on the other side of the head. Yesterday I thought I had it because of low blood sugar..
Today my theory changed. I had a good breakfast and lunch.. But by lunchtime I felt terrible - the ache was on the right side of the head, pressing down on my eye. I could barely eat my lunch.

What did rescue me? A cup of afternoon coffee....

The Universe is providing me with some extra unexpected income. Got a letter that I get my final payment.. after having landed a job.
I wanted to go online to do some transactions, but wohoo.. I apparently have forgotten my password or something else is wrong, because I couldn't get in..
How furious was I? And blaming the bank of this problem, of course.
Not that I have anything to do with it.

It's funny.. I deal with these kind of things daily, yet when it happens to myself, I totally lose it and get angry with the system.

Oooh.. I am boring myself now. The whining is just useless. It's not constructive, at all.
Tomorrow is a big day, 11:11. It is said to be a magical day, opening gates and all.
Who knows what happens..


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