Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Full moon!!

What a beautiful full moon there was today. It was lovely to watch it from the bus this morning, on my way to work.. it looked like those moons you see somewhere in the south, like in Italy. A moon that is really low and looks very Mediterranean.

The fact is I could hardly get out of bed today. Apparently I had giggled in my sleep (well that is not the reason I couldn't get up) but I felt a bit woolly-headed once up and getting ready.
Don't know what it is, but I was ok-ish at work. Just really hungry!
I was just really very hungry :)

In the evening, me and R went to Centraal, a lovely pub just off Nicolson Street.
They do Kriek from the tap, which is quite nice! We had dinner there, and I loved the menu because it was different. Some restaurant menus can be so utterly boring, but this one had nice choices. Very refreshing! I had Thai green curry, which was good, but quite rich. I often get a massive craving for it but Thai places are usually the only ones where I could have imagined getting some. Not anymore...
R had a lovely juicy fillet steak. Steak of perfection really. With it some delicious blue cheese dressing. Mmmmm...


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