Sunday, November 06, 2005

What a weekend

Wow! I was pleasantly surprised yesterday, when R suggested that we go to the Farmer's market. I have been asking him to join me to go there for over 3 months, but he never felt like it, until yesterday. So off we were.
My last visit was in August, if I recall correctly. Nothing had really changed, apart from maybe some produce being sold (seasonal veg e.g.)

I had a craving for a roll filled with roasted pork, apple sauce and stuffing made with sage and onion. Oh, how tasty it was! I truly enjoyed every bite, so it was worth trying.

I also had a tiny sampling of lemon curd on a piece of cracker (very nice!) and some mulled elderberry (?) wine, which would be delicious when warmed.After the farmer's market, I still had a mission.. To get chocolate cake. We walked behind the castle admiring the views.

For the past week, I have had a craving for chocolate cake - the Sachertorte like, with a thick coating of good quality chocolate, which breaks when you put your fork in it.
Last Thursday I left work early to go to the dentist. I was in an unpleasant mood, as I had a bad enough case of PMS.. First of all, I came in and the receptionist seemed not to find my booking (I am talking as if it was a restaurant!). I had to repeat my name several times and finally just told to take a seat. After 20+ minutes of waiting, I was called in. A very patronizing sounding dentist told me (like I was a child), that I really need to start brushing my teeth twice a day and being more meticulous about it. Well she didn't ask me to be meticulous, but I guess that wouldn't harm as far as taking care of your teeth is concerned.
Anyway, after I left the dentist, I was peckish and I really wanted some coffee. So I headed to the nearest Starbucks and ordered their seasonal Gingerbread latte (minus the whipped cream) and a apple-cinnamon muffin. I really wanted the chocolate cake, but it was priced £2.85 which I thought was a bit OTT as my latte already cost as much, so I just took the muffin.

The latte was nice, albeit too sweet. Actually it was too sweet and not hot enough for my taste. I like my coffee hot! But this is how S-bucks make their coffee, sweet. I am not that used to sweet coffee. The muffin was ok but that too was too sweet for my taste.
So, I still had the craving for chocolate cake and later during the week I tried to find a good chocolate cake (even if it was just a slice) from Sainsbury's and other places without success.
Until Saturday. I pretty much knew where to get the ultimate cake. R and me were off to Plaisir du Chocolat! Once I stepped in, I knew the cake was there - in fact there were several cakes to choose of and I had a hard time choosing! I was in cake and baked-goods-heaven!! Eventually I went for the flourless chocolate cake (recommendation from the girl behind the counter). I left the shop with a big smile on my face and took the cake home, to be savoured later.

Later, we went bowling with R and M. It was good fun, though I only did one strike!
In the evening, we went to Khublai Khan for dinner. Last time I've been to that restaurant was over a year ago, in Glasgow at their sister restaurant. The food was good, as usual (you cannot blame anyone else than yourself, if the food doesn't turn out tasteful as you create your portions yourself), (mainfoods, that is).
I made up a bowl with a Thai twist, and it was quite nice though I could've put a bit more coconut milk to it. I am big fan of coconut milk in thai foods :)

The rest of the evening was spent in Portobello. There were many fireworks and bonfires going on as it was Guy Fawkes night.


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