Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sunny and cold

What a boring title indeed!
But I am freezing, so I am telling the truth here. And I have a headache. Not sure whether it's a hangover (from 2 glasses of wine yesterday to an empty stomach) or because I have a sort-of-a cold (you know the type that you feel kind of off - throat is not really normal and the occasional cough but you are not feeling that bad that you need to stay in bed)..... or whether it's just that it's all too much for me now.

What is too much? Well the whole travel thing. Getting my stuff ready for the trip of my lifetime. LA is waiting for me.... On Wednesday I board the plane towards the west (well first to south to London) and then I will make another change in my life.
How did I get stressed about that?

Cats are gone... It is so empty and quiet in the house. I hope they are doing fine and that they feel adjusted and ok. I felt like a real momma yesterday saying goodbye and all that.

Go away headache

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hellerwork .. works

It was my first Hellerwork session.. on Wednesday. Was it the Valentine's Day? I cannot remember, I think I've lost concept of time.
Anyway, I was kind of nervous going there.. Cold clammy paws (I am not a cat but you know)
(apparently I have lost my grasp of english language as well)
C is a lovely person, such warm and welcoming. I stood there in front of the mirror and she assessed my body structure, how it is aligned etc. Then I had to walk around, and she made notes of how I move..
Yes, I tiptoe (on my left foot). I don't know where I created that habit, but I just do.
It's my way of moving around this world... Not fully, I guess. But just partly.. You know if you are tiptoeing, you are not fully there.

Then I was lying on the massage table and she treated my underarm and legs, and diaphragm.
There was so much tension and my body was like "what the heck is happening here!" that it was twisting and shaking too, of nervousness.
There's not much point of being cool as a cucumber, when your body is just in shock - or very surprised indeed.

I left after 2 hours. Noticed that my jawline hurt, there was a pain there. Don't know if it was related to the session, but anyway.
Got some chinese on my way back home and I was deep in my thoughts and this guy just passed me on the street, talking on his mobile - when I startled...
It happens to me! Being so sensitive and "on the edge".

Tomorrow I am off! Yihaa! The thought itself gives me so much energy... The knowing you can sleep in and prepare a nice breakfast and be able to enjoy it in time..
I can lie in bed for hours, if I want to. However I wisely booked a time for the hairdresser which means I will leave the house in the morning, not too early but in time to get out in the world :) Get some steps done etc.

What I am disappointed of:
- not being able to do much (laziness, lethargy)
- not writing emails to people I have meant to write for a long time
- not eating as healthily as I had intended to
- not keeping up with my journal of how my 10 000 step-o-mania goes

There are good things too.. but these things can be fixed.

Breathe, breathe, breathe.....

Sunday, February 05, 2006


I have been considering whether to stop this blog or not. Start again? I haven't had the energy to do writing, and that's not the only thing!
January's was busy with steps, walking and more walking.
I bought a pedometer just before New Year and my aim is to do 10 000 steps a day. I have seen results, which is great. Toned legs and bum :) More energy!
Last few weeks haven't been great for walking, as I have been constantly warding off a cold :(
There are people at work who turn up to work coughing and sneezing all over the place, i.e. clearly sick.. then they stay home after a couple of days. Then it's me starting to feel a bit woozy and headachey..
Luckily there are zinc tablets and vitamin C drinks to take. So far they have worked.
And the affirmation: I am strong, fit and healthy.

I have booked a time for Hellerwork therapy and I can't wait!
It is indeed MY year and I deserve the good things!