Sunday, November 13, 2005

What are Sundays made of?

Mine started with a headache. I guess that's a pretty normal start for many people's Saturday or Sunday. But I only had a glass of wine last night - albeit I hadn't eaten much yesterday.
My "hair project" took several hours and the rest of the evening just flew by.
Oh, I was sort of flying in my dreams last night. It was lovely - I wish I could capture the feeling again, but it's hard when you're out of the dream world.
But the essence was to lose control and just flow.

I decided to have a really Nigella-esque breakfast today. It's been a long time, many many months since I last made american pancakes, and I thought now is the time for them. It was a good timing, as there was some delicious bacon rashers in the fridge waiting to be accompanied by the pancakes + lots of maple syrup poured on top.
My pancakes weren't as good as they used to be.. I blame it on the fact that we don't have a gas hob anymore, where it's fairly easy to regulate the heat. Now it seemed ages before the pan got hot enough. The pancake is ready to be turned around when there are little bubbles coming up. Yes, yes.. that is a known fact. However, at one point it seemed it took only seconds before one side was dark brown (too dark) and literally on the verge of burning.
Nevertheless, the pancakes were delicious!

I wasn't done yet. Yesterday's unfulfilled mission of baking chocolate chip cookies was still waiting for me. I just love baking, it's about creating something wonderful and comforting out of a few good ingredients and it makes me (and others) happy :)
The cookies came out good, although I would put less sugar next time! The cookies were just as promised, chewy - not crispy. And huge! In total 18 beauties waiting to be savoured.

Today is the Father's Day in Finland. Called my father and we had a quick chat (he was doing up his car). He enjoyed the chocolate I sent.. thankfully my mom didn't like it so he can have it all for himself :)
There was a relief factor - he said it looks promising that things might change for the better.
It made me think - is this all about the new energies, new changes?


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