Sunday, November 27, 2005

What are your goals?

Yes, I've already started... Making goals for next year. I want to be fit.
I want to get toned and eat more healthily. I just keep telling that to myself, but haven't been really doing it.
I think many people leave these kind of things after the Christmas, after all the goodies have been eaten and you have enjoyed yourself..
Well, I could happily start already.

What is my plan anyway? Start going to the gym, since it is free for me (my lovely work pays for it, which I feel very grateful for - so it would be kind of stupid not to take opportunity of this generosity). Eat healthily (ok, let's not mention that anymore :). Eat healthy stuff, drink less of that automat coffee at work, drink more green tea and herbal teas etc.
Healthy snacks!

I went for a bit of shopping today. Wanted to buy a book but instead I went to have a look at some Xmas goodies for my little nieces. I did find out that Barbie dolls are still a big hit and a very wanted gift, so I saw a few nice packages which I will get once I get paid (finally next week!)
Instead of buying healthy snacks, I bought a packet of oat cookies with chocolate (havre kex). You don't get them very often here... I had about 4....
OK, I'll start after these cookies are gone..

This year has been crap, to put it bluntly. Saturn was still very much in the picture for me, blocking things and making me feel tired and frustrated. Selling of the house was one of the most stressful things in my 6 years in Scotland that I've experienced.. I think I stressed too much, though. Things will always work out.
My niece's illness was a terrible shock, but luckily all the treatments are now over, and she can enter a new phase of life with bags of experience.
Getting a job... Oh how I stressed about that one, too.
All turned out well, it actually turned out a lot better than I could've ever imagined! Thank you Universe, you always provide for me!


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