Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I need a new job

Sadly I have found myself feeling negative about my current job.. and I feel tempted to make some changes. I hoped it wouldn't happen, but I can really blame myself?

It all comes down to the fact that it's not really my kind of thing. It's become a drag almost, at least the way things stand in the team these days. The tension, walking on egg shells and resenting certain individuals. Maybe it's time to move on.
There should not be a reason to struggle or feel that you are dragging yourself.

I should actually thank that idiot that got me upset today on the phone. I thought how small and sad his world must be, to get upset and shout at people like that. I just wanted to hang up, but I didn't. Well yes, thanks because it is an eye opener, it made me really think What Am I doing?

I still have my Writing Course. I could make something out of it. It doesn't have to be difficult, I don't have to be perfect straight away because I am learning, right?
In my dreams I become one of those writers who get these wonderful deals and start, well if not exactly churning out books then having a regular income at least.
What I need to do is make up some sort of an action plan, and just do it!!

Start making things happen and not just dragging myself on this path of eventual non-enjoyment!