Sunday, January 28, 2007

All about dachshunds

Saturday was a really nice day. Actually the whole weekend has been very good, but Saturday was all about walking, hiking, enjoying scenes.. and all these dachshunds - or teckels if you wish.

So M, R and I headed off to the Pentland hills to do some walking. I'm so glad that I decided to take my hat as it wasn't actually a cold day to start with, but after a few hours walking when it became cloudy and windy, I started to feel the chill.
Anyway, the first of the teckels was a lovely 7-month old miniature dachshund who was indeed very playful and charming and red! It always brings a smile on my face when I see these little stubborn "sausage dogs" that have a mind of their own and a few tricks on their sleeve..
A little while later when we had done a circle and come closer to the lodge that I hoped would contain a nice little cafe (Not!) the next 2 teckles came marching along happily. They were normal size, I think but quite small still and I think it's the first time I met more than one dachshund in a single day. (After all they don't like rain and Scotland is a pretty rainy place in average)

Yes, no cafes in sight. No nice wooden lodge filled with good coffee and tea and homebaked blueberry pies... It was all in my imagination.
The walking did end to an inn, where I consumed a cup of very average and not very impressive mocha and R had his beer and M his hot chocolate.
Then the bus home and some nasi goreng on our plates.
What a hike. I cannot believe we actually did 16km!
My pedometer would have done a record on this one, I think - it's just that the battery had died and I haven't replaced it. But all in all, it's a lotta steps...


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