Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Goodbye Samuli

Yesterday was a really sad day for me.. My father rang me in the evening and told me the news. Samuli, our family's beloved dog, had to be put down... He was old, 14 and a half. This picture is the last picture I have of him, taken a few months back since my last visit back home.

Samuli had illnesses, accumulated over the years.. He was deaf and had those little bumps that older dogs generate when the age takes its toll.. A final examination at the vet yesterday also revealed that he had a large tumour in his spleen and he was probably hurting a lot.

It all happened very quickly really, though the signs were there last week. Yesterday the poor thing could not stand on his feet anymore, so my father took him to the vet.

It's a relief for Samuli to be rid of his pains now. He just has left a huge empty space in the house.. It must feel so weird for my parents, not to hear him and see him .. always rushing to the kitchen to his food bowl when we came in from a walk, always happy to see you.. always there for you.

I miss you Samuli and I hope all is well with you now, where ever you are..


At 11:52, Blogger Pille said...

Hi Anita, sorry to hear about your dog. I'm kind of waiting for a similar news - one of my parents' dog, Bertha, is 15 and a bit more, can't really see or hear any more, and sometimes looks really weak and old. But just now she's running around in the snow like a small puppy, and her appetite is huge considering her age and size (it's one of those small bologna dogs)...

At 12:08, Blogger Nefritite said...

Thanks for your kind words Pille.. It's hard to let go sometimes - you want the dogs or whatever pets you have to live forever, but that's not the way it goes.
Give a hug to Bertha from me :)


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