Monday, October 24, 2005

Back to the "real world"

Well, today I wasn't able to lie in and live without a schedule, as it was my first working day for over 3 months! Felt a bit nervous and excited.
I got up before 6.30. I was determined not to be late - that would be kind of embarrassing...

Why does the week start and end in rain? Or is it just autumn?
Not very nice to get soaked.. arriving like a "uitettu rotta".. And of course as I had my first day, I was supposed to get my photo taken in order to get a security badge etc.
Luckily, they couldn't do it as they were missing some details so tomorrow then.
Hope I'll get my hair sorted a bit for tomorrow.

My hair is a mess.. I really really need to get to the hairdresser and get it done. The problem is just, that I don't know of a good place in Edinburgh as I've only been here for a relatively small time.
I like a good hairdresser with vision.. confidence and most of all - good listening skills!!
By this I don't mean that he or she would have to listen to my babbling, but listen to what I want to have done with my hair.
Surprisingly, this is not always the case.. You explain something, e.g. what NOT to do, and in the end they will do it or the result is a total opposite of what you wanted.
That can cause tears.... After an experience like this, I have been quite careful.

Well, my first day at work was quite nice. Got to meet loads of new people, and of course loads of information was given.. making my head spin.
The canteen looked really nice, and also the foods are very good - I heard.
That is a welcome change from what I was used to at my previous place....

So tired now. I cannot imagine the days are so short.
I worked from 9-17, back home at 17.40. Then some dishes... Then some food.. (+ some for the cats).. Then some laundry... etc etc..

Oh well, I guess I just need to be a bit more organized :)


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