Sunday, August 21, 2005

Walks in the sun

Sunday was a lovely day.. Sunny and so warm. Though you wouldn't always know what the real weather is as the groundfloor flat can be quite deceptive.

Walked to Stockbridge with R, bumped into his colleague on the way. Stockbridge is nice... Saw loads of little cafes and nice delis.. And young, fashionable hip people sipping their lattes on the terrace :) Yep, no wonder it is expensive there.....
Went to have a sit down at Peckhams, on the terrace. It was so nice to sit in the sun (this is Scotland!) and drink Hoegaarden.. it's just made for weathers like these.

We continued to Dean Village, found a really nice park and walk path along side the river.. That place has a real history to it. Ancient mills and water playing a big part in all this.
I dragged R to Buckingham Terrace, wanted to see the houses more close up. I saw them last week when I was on my way to the interview. They looked really nice then, but now it didn't have the same effect.. is this it??

Home.. Dead tired legs. Nasi goreng for dinner.

I made some sort of a promise to myself that I would clean up this mess.
Clean up, sort it out, hoover, do some washing.
After all, it was in my horoscope!


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