Saturday, August 20, 2005


Lovely day today.. I planted a guilt trip on him, not consciously but knowing it would happen. And it did.
Left to town early-ish.. Wanted to go to Farmer's market, cos I haven't been there before.
Walked to North Bridge, then to Market Street and beneath the castle.
It's great, loads of organic produce and tastings.. Very inspiring to wander around the stalls and see all the wonderful variety of things they sell. I left with some strawberries and a jar of bramley&apple jam. (it's quite nice, tasted it afterwards at home)

Then back to Royal mile again. That hill walking is quite an exercise on its own..
I ended up in a new age shop and a tarot reading.. Very interesting.

I should go back home, even if it's just a visit. Strong ties with family, need to be there for them. Need to be there for my loved ones.
Work thing is not happening at the moment. Need to listen to your inner guidance, what you really want to do. If you don't, you will end up miserable.
Marriage, do it!
Have been hard on myself.. Yes.
A family member that has passed away and who was important. Yes, mamma.
Things about mother..
Parents welcoming me with open arms if I went back.

I have a tarot book at home and a pack of cards as well... if I could find them..
Started reading the book and it was quite interesting.


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