Sunday, August 14, 2005

drip drip

Somebody upstairs apparently has some sort of burst pipe/overflow, which they don't know about... The water has been dripping from the outside pipe ever since Friday. And not even dripping, just kind of pouring.. pouring down.
It sounds like rain.. I thought this morning was raining, but it was the dripping I heard..

Getting ready for tomorrow. Haven't really prepared myself for the interview. I don't know if I should.. Well maybe some questions. At least I know where it is and I don't have to run in a panic, like it has happened a few times before :)

Went to Real Foods today.. The haven for holier than thou "I eat only organic" types. It's a really good shop in terms of a good stock of everything really.. all the different not so common flours you never get from normal supermarkets.. the mueslis etc you can buy loose..
But the atmosphere is just ..?? Can't explain it really.
I feel more at ease shopping at Holland&Barrett, and at least they have good offers.

Today we had a visitor... I thought I heard the neighbour's dog growling but it felt a lot closer.. I look up and there is an extra cat that came in to pay a visit to Tom! I was shocked.. Luckily he or she left quickly...


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