Monday, August 08, 2005

Gotta do things today

I intended to get up early and do stuff.. Work along the to-do list I bravely made yesterday.
Well, I got up first at 7 to feed the cats, then back to bed.. I had a feeling I should've got up. Then half an hour later the weird doorbell of ours rings - the postman. A package. Thank you very much. And back to bed...!!
This was second chance to actually stay up, get into the world and be active! But no, I instead wanted to procrastinate getting up. For my defence I have to say I actually enjoyed my sleep and the dreams. So it wasn't all wasted up.

Just had a look at my to-do list. It's not bad.. I can manage it. Do bits and pieces.

Cat is back. Yesterday came back for dinner time. Later he vomited on the sofa.. it looked like he had been eating dog food or something. Today I have to bring the duvet to the launderette, well it was about time!!


At 10:46, Blogger Ruani said...

Goodness.... this sounded so much like me it was kinda weird! Guess we all got through this stuff then and here was I thinking it was just me!!!

At 07:30, Blogger Nefritite said...

No, it's not just you :)
These things happen to most of us.. at some point anyway.
The philosophical ones say we are all connected, in some way.


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