Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Interviews yesterday and today...
It's weird. Yesterday I didn't feel nervous at all and wasn't even prepared. Maybe because I had already checked out the place and knew how to get there.
Then I was nervous in the beginning at least and didn't really feel comfortable.
There were 3 of them. One of the women was kind of looking at me up and down.. I saw her doing that from the corner of my eye..
Don't think it went that well but who knows. I will find out soon.

Today I felt nervous.. didn't know whether I was late. I wasn't. Bus came in time and I was there just in time. Again 3 interviewing. This time it was better. They were laidback and friendly. Some jokes even. It made me feel calmer. Though I feel insecure about some things I told I can do, though I haven't really done.
I left the building hoping they won't choose me...
I would like to have a job in the city centre of Leith.

Still waiting, waiting.....


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