Wednesday, August 10, 2005

To sleep or not to sleep

Or is it called misconceptions?

Pronoia rules!
It's worth focusing on the good bits of your life....
The goodness so far: love of my life, and living with him .. the kisses, warmth, closeness.
Lovely cats. Roof over my head. Being loved. "you are so precious"

My to-do list has 4 entries today..
I have done one of them. Contemplating whether I should do one of the entries, as I don't feel like it. It's a dilemma. I live by my intuition.. do things when you feel like doing them.
It wouldn't harm calling this person, asking how the job hunting's going... but I don't wanna talk to her???? Though she is very nice.
Doesn't matter. It's not like I have to live according to the list..
The list is just a rough guidance, along to go with. To help me keep on track.

I am still wondering whether I should go to bed.. for a few hours to the dreamland.
Last night I dreamt about decomposing bodies... He said it's a good thing, meaning change. Wise man. Indeed it could be that. It sounds logical. Albeit there is no logic in my dreams, or anyone's for that matter. Not that I know much about other people's dreams, cos it's not that sort of thing you discuss over a cup of coffee?? My grandpa being a difference.
This brings me back to the wonderful, carefree summers. Grandpa used to tell about his vivid dreams, there was always some sort of great story..
Those were the days..

Maybe I resist my urge to retreat. I could do some cleaning instead.. Or go hillwalking or something.
Or go to town and see the festivals.


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