Friday, August 12, 2005

confessions of a slob

Today has been a good day so far in terms of gettings things off my chest and clearing some air.. I feel better now.. Having talked (albeit on email) about the Frustration brought things into prospective again. I love him!

There are things on my to-do list.. Some things which I ignore for the time being.
Like calling X. Somehow I don't wanna do it, remind her of my existence. I am waiting for fish to catch the bait elsewhere, for now.
Two interviews next week... It could change things for me, end this lazy period and get me into a routine.. I need some order in my life.

Well, I truly am a resident of this city now.. The place is crowded with tourists and on my way home from town an italian older gentleman stopped me and asked directions to Calton Hill.
It was easy.. been there.. done that.. no t-shirt though.

Slobby behaviour always surfaces in the time of PMS. Yes, that is my monthly scapegoat.. I get cravings and for the sake of my PMS, I give in to them. And enjoy them, if my stomach wasn't so full..
Did a bit of shopping and on my way back I got some pizza from Bytes n Slices. It was a huuuge slice and cost only£2. What a bargain. A bit tasteless though, but good ..
It wasn't enough for me, or it was, but as I am on a roll I want all those things I denied myself earlier. Which today was a pecan danish. How ridiculous is that. Normal people wouldn't think twice of buying one, if one feels like devouring a pastry.
I did. But not today. I got one, enjoyed it to the maxxx and I can continue with the "chores".
Though I am absolutely stuffed now.. My stomach has most probably shrunk lately, while it doesn't show as it would be any smaller. "a bagful of heavy energy in your lower belly" or as it is said better in finnish "säkillinen raskasta energiaa alavatsassa" (ahh so compact)

Oh yes.. what is it about Valvona & Crolla becoming some sort of a tourist attraction?? Went there today to see if they have any nice breads.. and there was a massive queue outside the shop. It looked they were going to Madame Tussaud's or something.
I couldn't browse as there just was no space for that...


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