Thursday, August 18, 2005

A drop too much

Yes.. the bug problem continues. "there are bugs all over the place, man" as Elvis, aka Sebastian Haff said.

Yesterday when I went to bed, I noticed a dark spot on the wall. Please don't let it be a spider..
I put the lights on and it was some kind of beetle, looked like it. I washed him down the toilet and felt a bit guilty..

Next morning I wake up with a headache that is all over the place.. It's never this bad with PMS.
At 13.00 I still have it.. and I remember I had a teeny weeny bit of left over wine yesterday, before dinner. So that upset my delicate stomach. I guess it caused a hangover.
I am an embarrassment for my country...
Luckily there was alka seltzer in the cupboard so I had a restorative drink, watched some news and had some soup. Still hungry. I am always so hungry..

Got the results by post.. Two rejections, one of which I was kind of relieved.
Tomorrow I should hear about my other interview. I hope they say yes!


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