Thursday, August 11, 2005


Horoscope for today: "take care of business or it might just take care of you first. Putting off any of the smaller details might result in a major hassle, so get out your favorite writing instrument and start a to-do list, stat!"

Now how accurate is that.... I mean I just fiddled around my to-do list, added a new entry there and wondered when and how I am gonna achieve it.

This has been a useless day again.. I don't sleep properly in the early hours of the morning as the cat checks up on me several times: wants to know whether I am awake/whether I am gonna feed them.. and this goes on for hours...
So I don't wake up refreshed.

I do have some plans though. To check out what's happening with the Fringe, where to go and what to see...
Feels like I am more of an evening person anyway.

The recent phone calls left me feeling a bit bad about myself... I felt I am just lazy.. not doing stuff. Playing games when I "should" be doing something important. I just hate the word "should"!! I want to erase it from my vocabulary.

Why is it that I feel I should be proving myself to him constantly. That I am able to do things...

The night ended in a guessing game, why the big sigh. I couldn't say it.. I find it so hard to say what is really bugging me. It is driving me crazy.
But I guess that is just what I have to live with.


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