Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Baking.. and loving it

As I am jobless and therefore have ample amount of free time, I decided to make some bread today. I have this wonderful bread book with loads of beautiful, inspirational pictures which make you want to become a master baker yourself too :)
I tried the pane casalingo, Italian household bread..
Yesterday evening I made the starter and left it for 12 hours.
This morning I started baking and it took hours, with all the proving and rising etc.
Result looks delicious.. don't know how good it will taste but I am quite hopeful :)

22.50 pm.. OK .. the bread was absolutely delicious, probably the best bread that I've ever baked. And that even with twisting the "rules" a bit. The recipe told me to rise the bread (in the final stage) for 1,5 hours. I had a look after nearly an hour and the dough had doubled and it looked just ready to go.. I usually follow all the baking recipes religiously, but I think sometimes it's just best to use your common sense and intuition.
Bake with your intuition!
I think I made the right choice. Once I was baking this german rye bread or something like that and I think I overproved the dough, which kind of collapsed the breads I was making and probably the end result would've been more fuller if I had shortened the time instead of following the recipe to the dot (is there a saying like that?)

I tried to put a picture of the bread here, but I always seem to get an error message. Hmmm.
shame. It is a nice pic.

Haven't done a lot today.. Again I have wasted too much time in front of this darn computer.. playing stupid card games (solitaire my evil) and surfing the net. I mean who plays Solitaire...??

Well I did some minestrone soup, a bit of food shopping and washing up.
So I guess I was a good housewife :)

I haven't done any to-do lists.. I think I fell off that wagon since I let down one of my lists from last week. It's not the first time things like that happen. When I don't do something on the list, it affects all the rest as well.

Maybe tomorrow. I know definitely tomorrow I need to fill out those forms.. be ready for tomorrow.

Anxious for the decision I will most probably receive tomorrow. Is it a yes or no??


At 23:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Came acroos your Blog & liked it. It's unique to say the least. I'm trying to put up a site--Agent Orange, but when you work with words like embarresed in public with scars from Agent Orange, it makes it difficult. Just venting , I guess ---Jack---

At 12:44, Blogger Nefritite said...

Thanks Jack


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