Thursday, August 25, 2005


Yes, I watched an episode of lost yesterday.. And yes it was good.
Well as for the name itself, I feel like I am bit lost myself as well. I may not have experienced an airplane crash and landing on a remote island, but nevertheless lost...

Yumm.. I just devoured an ok-ish fudge doughnut, probably in less than 30 seconds. It wasn't anything special though.

Disappointments. They promised to let me know after the interview what their decision is, and this was supposed to happen a week ago. No letter, no phone call .. No whatsoever.
I am so upset with employers and recruitment agencies that don't give a shit about the people who are looking for a job... They never bother returning your calls.
Why the f*ck do you have a receptionist taking calls, supposedly leaving messages to people, when they never call you back.
I just don't get it.... I really don't get it..
What I am most annoyed about, is clear lying in your face. You sit in an interview, they clearly tell you that ok we will let you know by the end of the week... Why say something like that, when it doesn't happen????

I don't know what the hell I should be doing, career-wise.
I am not sure if I wanna be anybody's secretary anyway.
I don't know what I really want and that sucks!!!!
I need money...

I feel so desperate and lost ... Not on the right track, but could somebody show me the way then.. if I cannot do that on my own.


At 14:08, Blogger Pille said...

Hi A.
I'm jobhunting myself at the moment, so totally understand how frustrated you feel. Sorry about that:(
If that's any consolation, then I have a bar of blue Fazer suklaa on my desk waiting for you. I'm based at the Pleasance/Chambers Street/Nicholson Street area - are you ever wandering hereabouts? We can meet for a coffee and I can give you the chocolate..

At 19:36, Blogger Nefritite said...

Hi Pille!

job hunting has its ups and downs.. I think I was pretty upset when I wrote that, but I've got other jobs on the prospect now, so things ain't that bad.. :)

I myself live around Abbeyhill/Meadowbanks area and do come to Old Town every now and then, so it would be nice to meet up. At the moment I have quite a flexible schedule, so any time is good.
You can also email me at


At 09:38, Blogger Pille said...

Will drop you an email soon, Anita!


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