Monday, August 29, 2005

Just take anything

Yesterday was quiet... I spent most of the day reading Da Vinci Code, as it is the last of Dan Brown's books I still haven't read.. That book is truly amazing, so exciting that you just want to finish it up there and then.. As it is the end of the month, R and I have to live quite carefully, literally counting the pennies..
Oh well.. The tide will turn at some point.

I did have a moment, or a few moments of desperation on Sunday. About my work thing. What do I want to do for a living, where should I go? I don't really have a clue.
As I am multi-talented :) , I have several interests.. Where to choose, that's a completely different thing.
Could it be writing.. baking.. being a pastry chef? Or a secretary? IT support in a completely different kind of environment and company from where I used to be? Do I actually have any interest in IT? I have said NO.. to myself and several people.
But now it is time to look in to the mirror, the mirror of reality.. Take off those rosetinted glasses.. Think about finances.
Where do I have my chances? What's likely to bring me results.
I thought about hotel work but the pay is so crappy that I am not really sure..

OK, I applied for a couple of IT jobs. It should get me somewhere, hopefully.

Today I was sleepy.. sleeping at 9.45 when my mobile rang and I was contacted about one of the jobs I applied yesterday! So I am acknowledged... heh. That's nice.
The guy asked me whether he had woken me up. I denied it.. though he probably knew better :)
Well, I won't get my hopes too high, but nevertheless.. it's a chance.

"This is not the time to get your dream job. It will come when the time is right"

The time is not right just now. Trust. Allow.

The keywords I try to remember.

Pronoia today: found a penny on the street :))


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