Friday, September 02, 2005

New stuff

I really feel like throwing all my clothes in the bin and starting over again. New wardrobe etc.
It's all New energy, new times. I don't feel good in many of my old clothes anymore. They have served their purpose and should go.

As for me - again, haven't done much today. Slept late as usual.. lazed around surfing the net and finally got myself out of the house by 14.00. Decided to walk to town to do a bit of shopping.. I got some extra cash just now, which is really good.

Today I am drinking Kopparberg pear cider, which is good but very sweet. Got it from the International market which is on Lothian Road just off Sheraton hotel. Great stuff at the market.. French breads and cheeses, dutch poffertjes and then this cider! It's been a while I had it...


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