Thursday, September 01, 2005

I cannot believe it's... September

I am starting to lose track of time. Sometimes I have to pinch myself and think hard to figure what day it is... I feel like I am turning into the Dude "err.. what day is it today??" "get a job sir!!"
Or Dudette, in my case.

Ok. It's 1.20 am and I know for sure that it is 1st of September now. Summer is officially over.
It's still here, as in warm breezes and short skirts but in my books it's start of fall.. Slowly but surely the leaves start colouring.. and falling off the trees.. The wind gets a bit colder and people start dressing up warmer. You start to consume hot drinks.. you put on your craziest stripiest socks and wish it was snowing so you could jump up and down in the first flakes of snow.

Is that living passionately? Savouring every moment as if it was your last?
I guess. It depends on what you think is passion. Some think of passion as just a feeling between two people, lovers. But it is more than that....

I could be going to bed now. I am hungry (as usual).. still need to prepare myself for Feather Islands (!).. The dreamland.. The place where it is allowed to doze off wherever you happen to be, cos everybody's asleep anyway. Ma.

Got to stop this rambling.. My mind is overfunctioning. Find it hard to relax entirely.

I think it is the anticipation.
I just said NO to the crappy admin job (crappy though I don't know much about it).
Something else for me, please. I desever better.

Good night.


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