Sunday, October 02, 2005

Jelly bean heaven

Yesterday was a nice day enough. First day of October.
We went to the Old Penang for dinner, with R's colleague M. I was a bit disappointed with the food though, not that it wasn't good. It was ok. But nothing special. I think I made the wrong choice, choosing noodles which was all cooked together in the spice sauce. Should've taken the Malaysian curry instead.
Afterwards we went to the pub for drinks.

Today, I went to get jelly beans for my nieces. I haven't seen them in 1,5 years.
It is about time.
I am fed up with R. His beer drinking, not cleaning the house. This weekend he said he would clean the cat litter (which he didn't do) + also hoover (which he didn't do). Surprise surprise.
I am so fed up....
I think I shouldn't calculate those days to my period, because I noticed I am in the dangerous PMS phase and I think it has an instant effect on my behaviour. Cos you think you are (and you are) premenstrual, you start to feel, think and act like one.
It's not good. Too late for me now, though.

Feel cold, isolated, lonely even. "Fed up" seems to be my main keyword or keywords to describe my feelings.

Tomorrow is a new day, though. I think another new moon.


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