Monday, October 03, 2005

Let go

What a crap day it has been. Because my PMS is now in full swing, I get annoyed by absolutely everything. It's not very good if the day starts like this.

I managed to be quite productive today. Cleaned and sorted out things, did some washing, hoovered.. Wow.
Opened some unopened letters (how can that be??) and even applied for a job.

I am obsessed about thinking why I cannot seem to get a job.

Then another blow.. Tom seems to be ill again!!!!!!
I cannot believe this is happening.
And R is not making things easier. I freaked out because I saw a spider, albeit a tiny one, on the desk and he thought I am spending too much time indoors.
Well, yes.. If I go out a lot to town, it just reminds me that I have no money to spend on.

Crap.. I feel so distant from him.


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