Sunday, September 25, 2005

Definitely autumn

On Friday as I was walking home, I finally realized that it is autumn. Or fall, as I used to say.
I saw loads of leaves on the street.. yellow leaves that have fallen from trees and I felt a bit sad.
Time just flies by and I have lost track of it.

I live in some kind of anticipation. Second interview went ok-ish..
Just don't have a clue what they thought.. or what HE did. Not that I care muchos.
I wonder if my attitude and feelings leaked out, sort of in an energetic way. You don't have to mutter a word..the way you feel can be sensed any way.
I think he said they will let me know either way whether I get the job or not. By Friday.
And now it's Sunday and I still don't know.

What excites me is that a really nice looking patisseries is going to be opened nearby tomorrow.
I dream of working there, possibly.


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