Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Get well soon, Tom!

Last night, late in the evening I noticed that one of our cats was behaving a bit strangely and I thought.. oh no, not again. Well yes, it turned out to be cystitis. Just a good month after he last time was ill..
This morning I took Tom to the vet and he was admitted inside - luckily his condition was not that bad as last time (I think I have become quite an expert in reading signs of illness). So tomorrow he should be back home.

As for myself, another interview today. I travelled about half an hour by bus (so it wasn't exactly city centre, as advertised) and all in all the interview went well. Had a fairly good feeling about it and I think I have a chance.. We'll see what happens.
Decisions, decisions.. I want to trust my intuition - for example if I was to choose between two jobs. I would like to for once demonstrate that not always does a bigger salary make a difference....
It's all about what feels right and good - and also look into possible future possibilities within the company.

Daily horoscope (quickie): A good thing is right in front of you, you're not paying attention. Open your eyes.

Mercury in the 2nd House from 12.9 - 25.9.


At 18:21, Blogger Pille said...

Sorry to hear about your kitty;( Hope he'll be well soon!

At 23:17, Blogger Nefritite said...

Thanks Pille, he's actually alright now and back at home.. I collected him from the vet this morning and he seems to be happy to be back. And his brother was quite lost without him :)


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