Friday, September 09, 2005

Rain and the wheels of bureacracy

I intended to get up today at 6 (!) to bake my German Landbrot, as the dough had now fermented for long enough. That was my intention. The truth is that I got up at 9.20. It was still ok, for the bread I mean. The dough had been now fermenting for 18 hours, which is acceptable according to the recipe.
Well it was a very very sticky dough indeed. I had to add loads of flour to be able to work it.
As I had a meeting in a few hours time, I didn't have time to attend to the bread (I am talking like it is a small child) but I put the bowl in the fridge and covered it with cling film.

I guess this is what Altaf was talking about when baking rye bread....
Yes, it happened to me too but I thought I would just try to make something out of it and see what happens.. Last year I baked some French rye bread (cannot remember the name) and I think I overproved the dough, but never mind - it was still bread.

Update at 18.00: OK, the bread is finished and it looks good. Will taste it when it has cooled down a bit.

Went to the job centre today for my daily sign up and was confronted with the wheels of bureaucracy.. Apparently one of the necessary papers was sent to the wrong address.. (the woman half-accusingly said) and the decision was still delayed because of that.
Right. Back to square one. She told me I need to come back with my latest pay slip to sort it out. (even though I had provided that piece of paper in my first interview there)..
Anyway, on my way back (in the lovely refreshing rain) I popped in the chinese supermarket to get some sambal oelek, chili oil and some soy sauce. I bought a litre of it, since the consumption of soy sauce in this household is quite phenomenal....

Talked to my sister on the phone and it just lifted my spirits.. It's nice to know there is someone who is experiencing the same kind of troubles, work related or just lazing around the house, not achieving much. I promised to send some info about Bach flower drops which have helped me a lot.
After our conversation I realized how much I want to help.. Not only her, since she is my sister, but really anyone who is in agony.. Reiki would be a good thing for me, I think. The healing powers of reiki.

Yes, again pronoia spoke for itself. The universe granted me with some money found on the street :)


At 15:45, Blogger Pille said...

Hi Nefritite - have just sent you an email re: coffee possibly on Monday. Let me know if it's ok with you!

At 23:49, Blogger Nefritite said...

Thanks Pille :)
Will mail you back later.

At 12:27, Blogger Pille said...

Hi Nefritite - it was lovely meeting you yesterday!!! Hope the interview went well this morning!?

At 12:35, Blogger Nefritite said...

Hi Pille,
yes it was really nice meeting up yesterday! Thanks again for the chocolate, amazingly, I still have some left :)

Had the interview today and I think it went pretty well - so I should hear the results any time.

See you again,



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